How To Create A Successful Virtual Event

How To Create A Successful Virtual Event

Americans watch 500 million hours of video every single day. The average person watches around 5 hours of video daily.

Impressively, the virtual event market is growing at a fast pace & is expected to be worth over $70 billion by 2021.

The usage of live events is exponentially growing and marketers & event organizers are realizing this channel can produce a favorable ROI along with being one of the most authentic methods of connecting with customers. 

Where can you use digital events in your marketing strategy? In a B2B approach, you can use live events as a top of funnel marketing tactic where a marketer runs campaigns to sign up to be on the event (this way you can maintain consistent contact & send notifications pre & post-event). 

In the B2C world, you can use live events for a variety of aspects as well, for example, product launches. 

These key events can be shared across your audiences on your own branded channel, Facebook & YouTube in order to offer maximum exposure to your target audience. Done correctly, they can be extremely profitable.

Now that we know the indisputable benefits of virtual events, let's jump into the ways you can deliver your live events to be the most profitable possible. 

Be Social 

Every business dreams of developing a stronger connection with its target audience. The data shows live events are a meaningful mechanism where event planners & marketers can develop a personalized connection with their virtual audience via Q&A sections, polling, and bringing members of the audience onto the main screen with the host. 

Virtual event platforms such as TeeVid enable you to deliver your live events to be as interactive as in-person events with a series of built-in features. You’ll find those features here.

Check out our article “21 ways to engage attendees during virtual events” to learn more about how to make your event more interactive.

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Hosting a virtual event, on the right platform, provides brands with the tools to create content that provides value to your audience. In today's age, time is currency & people don't have a lot to spare. Ask your team, what will make your event worthwhile, especially during online events?.

As Jeff Bezos has shared, "Invest in things that will change people's lives".  Use this notion to consider how your content will improve people's outcomes after the event. This will generate multiple benefits from your event, organization & conversions:

People don’t want to waste their time watching an event if the information is shallow. Many times event planners get lost when speaking about the "what?" as opposed to the "why?".  This information is valuable in how it can improve their lives.

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Ahh yes, a classic. Have you ever been excited about an event that seemed like it would provide some value to you only to be sold to the whole time? Attendees can smell hard selling tactics from a mile away and get turned off easily.

Hard selling to prospects who are expecting value, out of your content, will not convert. It'll make you sound desperate & your audience will lose interest. 

Of course, you need to go in for the sale during live events, otherwise, you'll never meet your objective, but do it with subtlety with strategic call to actions. 

Ensure your event has provided enough value to the audience & shine light on the challenge that your product/service can solve for them.


Call to actions, during your live event, are key in order to ensure that you will reach your objective. Mention your call to actions at the opportune moment for the highest impact.

Whether it is through calling them by their names or to take part in the discussion, sending links that align with your goal and using polling devices to make the attendees feel like they are participating. 

Calls to action, extend the customer journey to the next level in your buyers’ cycle, which is essential if you’re running a free event.

Think of your virtual event as a funnel. The top-level was getting your audience onto the event, the next stage is, providing value to drive your audience further through the funnel to make an educated buying decision. 

Providing value complements your calls to action as attendees are 10X more likely to convert if they have seen how your knowledge/solutions can make their life easier.


With the virtual event technology TeeVid Events, you can create virtual events providing your customers & prospects with online experiences that engage & convert, enabling you to deliver a unique & customized experience that differentiates your brand from your competitors. 

If your brand continuously creates (or even copies) the same experience, as your competitors over platforms such as Zoom Events, you'll lose customers & potential business. Your brand needs to show itself as an industry leader, to retain & gain new business. 

Create, produce & broadcast with end to end virtual event simplicity. 

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